Best Memory Foam Topper

If you cannot afford to invest in a memory foam mattress your best option to make a good quality sleep are the best memory foam toppers.  This is a highly viable option especially if your current mattress is still in good condition. You can simply top your mattress with one of the best memory foam toppers and meet the same results as a memory foam mattress.

What Is Unique About Memory Foam?

As compared to a spring mattress with foam covered with fabric to serve as a support, a memory foam mattress is thicker and offers more comfort because it follows the shape of your body and reacts to your body temperature as well. This unique feature is also present in the best memory foam toppers.

Memory foams are designed to make sure a good quality sleep because they are able to eradicate the stress, pain and tension most commonly present in the key pressure points of your body. A memory foam mattress or topper is the best cushioned pad available for people who suffer from back problems.

Memory foams are an exact opposite of ordinary mattresses. The best memory foam toppers are not elastic and will not get back to their original width when pressure or a heavy weight is applied on them. They will instead take the form of your body or hug your body.

Buying the Best Memory Foam Topper

The best memory foam toppers are simply thin layers of memory foam, about 3 inches, and are the sizes of traditional beds. They are similar to the commonly used bed toppers. While bed toppers are made of ordinary foam, memory foam toppers have all the features and qualities of a memory foam mattress. Except of course the fact compared to memory foam mattresses they are only about 3 inches thick.

There are a lot of memory foam toppers available in the market with varied price ranges. Different price ranges mean the memory foam toppers have varying levels of quality. Here are some details to look forward to ensure you are choosing from among only the best memory foam toppers.
• Size. The memory foam topper must be the exact size of your mattress. There are inferior memory foam toppers that are a couple of inches smaller than the mattress such that a topper for a queen size mattress would have a topper size of 58×78 instead of 60×80.
• Thickness of the memory foam topper. Thickness, density and weight must be analyzed as one. The thickness of the topper or mattress must match its density and weight. The usual topper thickness is between 2 to 3 inches.
• Density and Weight. Density refers to the softness of the memory foam and weight refers to the heft of the foam. Both density and weight always work hand in hand. The best memory foam toppers have a density of about 4 lbs.
• Machine Washable. Choose a memory foam topper that has a washable cover to keep up the cleanliness of the topper itself.

The memory foam toppers will have all the above mentioned qualities. Do not skimp on your memory foam topper. Choose the best that will give you more value for your money. After all, the best memory foam toppers will assure a good quality soil. You ought it to yourself!