Intex Air Mattress Bed at Home or Away

An Intex Air Mattress can let you take up your bed and walk literally.

Intex air mattress inflates and deflates in a matter of minutes. The mattresses come in twin, full, queen and king sizes and in a multitude of heights.

Intex air mattress is vinyl constructed with flocked, felt tops. The air is contained in 15 gauge chambers and the bed has a leak proof guarantee.

Intex has a large selection of mattresses to help you decide on type and price of the air mattress you desire. As stated, the air beds come in a small sized duffel bag with a carrying strap for taking it anywhere. The air mattresses have a built in air pump that plugs into a regular wall outlet. Some models of Intex air mattress has adjustable firmness controls. Other models have layers for tucking sheets as on a normal bed and built in pillows.

No longer do you have to lay down pallets made from a stack of blankets to accommodate expected or unexpected guests.

No more pulling out the roll-away beds or old army cots  that give your guests an uncomfortable night’s sleep when you can pull out a duffel bag containing a full size Intex air mattress bed, inflate it in minutes and your guests can sleep with the comfort of a real bed.

No more reason to put grandma down on the floor when Intex has very reasonable prices on air mattress beds that are as high as a normal bed height. In fact the Intex air mattress varies in heights from fifteen inches off the floor to upwards of twenty-five inches so there is a size to fit every age group.

Intex Air Mattress – Home or Away?

Intex air mattress can be used in cabins or vacation homes or residence use such as a short term lease or rental.

If you have college students coming home for the holidays and perhaps bringing friends the Intex air mattress is the perfect fit. They can be put down at night and put away in the morning to save space.

Intex comes in bright color combinations for the sleep-over crowd. Kids love the convenience of having friends over and laying out the air mattresses for staying up all night.

The new indoor/outdoor models of Intex air mattresses have made it possible for camping lovers to continue camping even when the old bones don’t allow sleeping on the ground anymore. Or maybe you are afraid of the creepy crawlers on the ground and want a little height for sleeping? There are Intex air mattresses that are just right for your tent.

There are less expensive versions of air mattresses but please do your homework before purchasing any other brand except Intex air mattresses.

I bought what I thought was a good deal on a twin air mattress. After a couple of uses I was awakened by what sounded like firecrackers. The threading that made the ridges in the cover had popped loose and the sudden release of air in the chambers made the surface into a balloon which pitched me out of bed and into a night stand. For a child this could have been very dangerous. So forewarned, not all air mattresses are alike.

If you need a quality air mattress bed, one with a guarantee again leaks, and one that will be a great help with giving your guests a good night’s rest choose Intex air mattresses. I have had three, two twin and one queen, for several years and enjoy the convenience of them all.